UHF Executive Director, Mrs. Grace Kiwanuka (1st row, 2nd right,) and ministry officials at the JRM 2016

The Federation sits on the Ministry of Healthโ€™s Health Policy Advisory Committee (HPAC) as a private sector representative. It also participates in the Ministryโ€™s Public Private Partnerships in Health Technical Working Group (TWG) meetings held monthly, and the National Health Insurance Taskforce. These platforms enable UHF to continue advocacy for the private health sector and ensure private sector interests are expressed. ย To date, UHF has contributed to the eHealth Policy debate in the HPAC and the formation of the 2016 Joint Review Mission (JRM) Aide Memoire, which determines priority activities and targets for the ministry. UHF had the opportunity to ensure inclusion of several private sector interest such as acquisition of reporting codes and improved supervision and inclusion at District level. This will facilitate the collection of data from private facilities and allow better understanding of the contribution the private sector makes to service delivery.