Dr. Joris van der Putten is CEO of Kampala Hospital Ltd. in Kololo, Kampala. He has a long experience in in the international healthcare sector. He worked as a management consultant for KPMG-Plexus in the Netherlands, started his own consultancy firm and participated in a chain of walk-in clinics in the Netherlands.

As a consultant he worked amongst others together with the Dutch Pediatrician Association, the Dutch Association of Hospitals and the Dutch Pain Society.

Joris got his medical degree at Leiden University and specialized into tropical medicine and public health. He worked as a doctor in Dutch and Tanzanian hospitals and for medical assistance agencies.

Joris’ mission is to improve health care for all at acceptable costs. His main inspiration came from Michael Porter’s book ‘Redefining Health Care’. Porter describes a model for value based competition on results within the sector.

In his view the UHF is the platform in Uganda that can create the preconditions for realizing affordable high quality health care.