Uganda Healthcare Federation has constantly sought different and innovative ways to further sustain and propel its activities with an overarching goal of building UHF as an independent umbrella organization in the private non-state health sector.

Resource mobilization has taken various means, with a major success through grants and contracts.

USAID/ Uganda Private Health Support Program
In the year 2014, UHF received a grant from the USAID/ Uganda Private Health Support program and the overall goal of the grant was to advocate for issues affecting the private health sector. This was a performance-based grant to empower UHF to carry out several activities including capacity building and interactions throughout the regions of Uganda. The Program also offered technical assistance in key areas particularly its capacity to broaden the base of private sector participation in public-private dialogue and strengthening the newly formed Private Sector Health Advocacy Committee (PSHAC). Other objectives of the grant were to broaden the base of private sector support and engagement with the public sector, support UHF to become a fully operational private sector association and enable them to become fully sustainable private sector association.

UHF continues to receive support from the program as it was awarded a renewal for the grant for another year with the overall goal of improving the quality of private healthcare services in Uganda by mobilizing and advocating for private health sector interests. UHF continues through the grant to offer technical assistance to its members, partners and other parties in the form of trainings, networking, advocating and lobbying in key health areas.

USAID/Strengthening Decentralization for Sustainability (SDS)

UHF was subcontracted by USAID Strengthening Decentralization for Sustainability programme to further advance SDS’ objective of enhancing meaningful partnerships with and enhancement of private sector health providers within Private For Profit and Private Not For Profit sub sectors.

The main objective of the contract was to provide appropriate professional and business training for sponsored health workers at facilities supported by USAID/SDS. As such, UHF was to conduct a needs assessment, identify relevant training needs, develop and test tailored business skills courses, digitize the training material and provide online training programs for 264 health workers identified by SDS. The goal of these trainings was to enhance the managerial skills, competencies and motivation of SDS PEPFAR supported health workers and their health facility managers through which they will adopt tested private sector models so as to improve the quality of healthcare services.

Pharmaccess International

UHF was contracted by Pharmaccess International to carry out detailed quality standards assessments in private health facilities in Uganda in urban and rural areas. Following the assessments the UHF team develops detailed Quality Improvement Plans for each individual facility assessed, and this precedes the introduction of the award winning stepwise quality improvement system known as Safecare.


Following the coordination of two successful business to business trade missions for health businesses in Sweden to interact with potential partners in Uganda, UHF has been contracted to provide business consultancy services to numerous companies in the Baltic States including Sweden, Latvia and Estonia who wish to pursue opening mTech and Pharma businesses in Uganda.

UHF will provide business advisory services as well as technical support to facilitate entry into the Uganda health sector.

Future Plans

UHF will champion the following key areas to strengthen the Uganda private health sector;

  • Consolidation of the non state players
  • Improvement of quality standards in non state owned facilities
  • Training and capacity building
  • Building business to business linkages to open up opportunities for development
  • Mapping of the capacity of the private health sector
  • Information dissemination through an online platform
  • Providing viable affordable solutions to healthcare financing